Deliberate damage to paint work


'91 Fourtrak (Red Mica Mettalic)

Today I had reason to complain to a car driver about his inconsiderate parking, politly. With the result that when I returned to my truck I found it had been keyed, scraped all the way from front to rear on the drivers side, multiple scrapes, through the decals lots of times. My local body shop believes a total respray on that side, with removal of decals on both sides as they cannot replace the decals on the damsged side, and possible work on the undamaged side due to fading where the decals were not installed. Price out of this world!!!!!! They were looking at a total re spray, as time would had degraded the paint colour. So its a DIY job, to limitate the damage, after all she is not in perfect condition.

Question- is the body work galvanised, as the scratches show a grey colour, or is this the steel or primer.

I have been to Halfords and they made a paint mix up for me as per the paint code(I have made a post on this before) A can of spray and small can of paint, also purchased quality brushes,primer and TCut, along with some small tins of grey/silver to repair the decal area.

Any suggestions welcome, just need some dry weather to get started.

Addition-: I was assembling my partners wheel chair and I needed the door open fully to lift her out. No wheelchair bay available, so I was using the empty bay, untill he decided to force his way in, a few minutes was all we needed !!!!!, with the result I had to pull forward blocking the access lane to lift her out, much to other drivers annoyance who were trying to access the car park, when they saw Claire in her wheels people were okay about it. Just one nasty person, who had to park his car with out waiting a few minutes!!!!.