1991 Fourtrak TDX


Hi all, I'm new to this site and like to say, nice too meet you all. I have just bought a 1991 Fourtrak and I have just cut out the rot on the passanger side of the rear arch(under the plastic), seperating the inner wheel arch from the rear quater panel, I have cut into the rot on the sill and have started to replate and rebuild using fresh plate. What a interesting vehicle these old Jap 4x4 are. Cant wait to get it roadworthy and working it hard! Anyone got any advice?

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Firstly, lots of info on site. Use the 'Site Search' box on the left, this will bring up any posts relevant to the subject.

Change ALL your oils/filters, you do not know how long they have been in there, Do NOT use 'Fully Synthetic Oil' oil in the engine , use semi or straight mineral oil, dont forget the Fuel Filter. Treat the fuel system/injectors to a bottle of cleaner. Change the gear box and transfer box oils, along with the Diffs front and rear. Replace cam belt, again you do not know how long it has been in use . Check for engagement of 4WD via the dash switch (if fitted) and the Hi/Lo stick, check that the front hubs if of the Auto type are engaging, when 4WD is selected. ( lots of posts on these)

Check the sills, inner and outer in the seat belt area, prone rot out and MoT failure site, check under rear load bay carpet for rot along seams.

Replace the head light bulbs with the new zeon generation of bulbs, head lights are crap!!!, replace headlight units with new ones from 'Milners'.

Lots of spares available from 'Milners', top of page , 'Parts Dealers'. Prices good and exellent service and delivery.

Lots of posts on site, on all subjects/areas, or just ask for more info, we are a helpful bunch.

Edward (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Project just got bigger.

Can you advise me please, The rear inner wheel arch / wheel well has rotted through in the past and some one has completley reformed it using fibreglass and isopon. I was in the process of repairing the rotted steel and found big lumps of this stuff coming away. So I got very excited and started to cut it out and started to rebuild it out of plate, I have a few holes where it joins the floor, would it be ok to slap in some isopon and seal it up or does it have to be steel? to pass MOT, area is the wery back edge of the wheel well / floor pan.

I have made many of these

I have made many of these bloody arches, i made two wooden templates and form steel very carefully over them for the outers. On the floor section i use 2 or 3mm plate and use this for the simpler sections, it is seam welded into place for longevity. Where the two join always use seam sealer, this is a paint on sealer used to protect joints in body panels used by vehicle manufacturers.

Where it mets the floor, it is best to cut out any rubbish and replace it with 2 or 3mm plate, this ensures longevity and strength.

I always paint it with industrial paint, use several coats; spray the entire lot with stone chip, again several coats, then underseal liberally. This gives resiatance to most abrasions, stone chips, and if all fails the paint offers more protection.