Rocky 4 wheel drive won't engage at the front wheels


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Just welded in new sills, brakes and got the old beast mot'd yesterday. Now need to fix this 4 wheel drive issue. Read various posts on this site but still haven't fixed problem. Jacked the car off all 4 wheels, engaged 4 wheel drive, front and back prop shafts turning and one or other of the front drive shafts but front wheels completely stationary. Tried locking alternative front drive shafts with vice grips to transfer the drive to the opposite front wheel but again no drive to the wheels. Dismantled, cleaned and greased both auto hubs, reassembled but absolutely no difference. Am I correct in assuming auto hubs are wrecked or am i missing something obvious. This is a 1997 model - would manual hubs from an earlier version fit and is this a straight forward swop round job? Snow and bad roads on their way up here in Scotland very soon so any help readily appreciated. Thanks

Sounds like the hubs, the

Sounds like the hubs, the front prop is turning so drive is there.

Two options exist, replace them with new or secondhand auto hubs and read my article on cleaning and greasing prior to fitting.
Option two is to replace them with manual hubs, prepare these in the same way as the auto hubs prior to fitment.

It depends on your budget and preferences as to which way you go, correctly prepared and maintained auto's will last, but allow you to stay in the vehicle. Manual's mean getting out every time to engage or disengage them.

Hub swap


Straight forward job, to replace hubs. I have detailed this in my post (ews). Check the bolt fixing as I believe the later models may have a different pattern.

Lots of posts on this subject.

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