Sportrak Wont Turn Over


Hi all,
New to the forum because just got myself a 1994 Sportrak EXI. All was going well until found that there was a leak into the drivers foot well (least of my problems now!!). In the process of trying to fix/find the leak i was moving the wiring loom and connectors out of the way so could see where leak was but a manged to short something, sparks from under steering wheel and smoke which looked to come from around about positive terminal on the battery.

Now sportrak wont turn over, no sound of fuel pump starting up or starter solenoid clicking, no lights in instrument cluster when turn on ignitioin. The electric rear door lock also does not work.

Horn works, lights work, indicators work.

I have checked all fuses in two fuses boxes in drivers foot well and all ok.

Any help/suggestions on next step would be much appreciated.


Got the exact same problem!!!

Happened to mine when i changed the battery. I managed to get it running again by running a live feed from the battery to the main relay in the fusebox in the engine bay. THIS IS NOT A FIX! I just did it to rule out any other problems. There must be something really simple that i have overlooked, like a damaged wire or connection but I cant find it!!! I checked ALL the fuses and fuseable links, relays, etc etc but still no joy! Dont think I had sparks come from the dash area, so might be worth you checking the ignition barrel. I'm not a professional (as you may have guessed!) but I did manage to get her running. If you find the source of the problem then please let me know.

Thanks for response, yeh

Thanks for response, yeh checked the 2 big fuseable links on the battery terminal and both ok. I am thinking that it just something simple that i'm missing also. Going to have look tonight and report back if any success. Cheers

reverseconnections on battery

Did you sort this problem - l have reverse connected the battery in a 1991 sportrak

I cannot find any fusible links on +ve of battery.

All other fuses OK

there is a silver round fuse or relay alongside the main fuse box under the dash by the steering column - does this have any function in this problem.

My lights work but nothing else.

Please help if you can



.....Oh, and did you check the 2 (3 on some models) big fuseable links on the battery (positive terminal, under the plastic cover?)

Found problem and fixed it!

Found the problem, it was the fusable link that is on the wire that runs from the positive terminal on the battery to the alternator. Replaced that link and all working now. The reason the link fused was because the wiring loom running up to the instrument panel was tucked behind the lever for the steering wheel adjustment. Releasing and clamping this lever had broken the insulation on a few wires that in turn shorted together. Some new M/T's now and i'll be ready to go off roading.