Fuel pump removal on a 91 sporty


Hi all! I'm in the process of trying to remove the fuel tank and lines so that I can replace the inner arch on the drivers side rear end. Having some major problems, mostly snapped bolts! Any tips on getting to and removing the lot? Im on an extremely tight budget and cant afford to buy the various bolt removal tools so am having to do it the old fashioned way. However, I can hardly get to the fuel pump to remove it! Any ideas? Also does anyone know the size of the pipes and unions I will need to replace? I could do with as much info as possible to avoid me sitting underneath the damn thing in the rain and wind Sad Any suggestions would be warmly received. Cheers, Shaun.

fuel pump - mechanical or electric?

is it a mechanical or electric pump - i.e. a carb or efi sporty?

i did exactly the same job on mine (93 efi) and you just need to remove the tank - i didnt bother to move the pump - it sits just out of the way.

you will need to remove the filler hose and the the hoses going to the pump and the black plastic box inside the wall of the car.

once you have removed those all you need to do it cut the arch out.

out of interest where did you get the new panel and how much did it cost?
i bought a new arch from cherrytree for about £100

Hi there, thanks for the

Hi there, thanks for the reply. Its fuel injected (1.6 elxi)and as well as removing the tank I need to change the fuel lines as they are badly corroded. I would also like to replace the rubber lines that run to and from the pump, hence my problem, plus my dad (the poor sod that has to do the welding) wont go near it until everything has been moved out of the way.
I'm having problems removing the filler and breather pipes as well. They just don't want to budge and there's not much room there.
What is that little box inside, just under the window with two pipes going to it?
As soon as the tank and lines are out it should be a straight forward fix but its turning into a complete nightmare! lol. What I wouldn't give for a nice warm garage!

I bought the arch from a lovely chap on fleabay who was breaking his sporty. I sent him a pic of the area I needed but he just cut out the WHOLE arch and sent it to me for 20 quid all in. It's in near perfect condition too Smile

Do you know of anywhere I could buy NEW replacement sills? The nasty M.O.T man made some horrible holes in my originals! Sad FAIL!!!

hmmm sounds just like mine

the filler and breather pipes will come off much easier when they are warm - use a hair drier.

In the end i cut mine off at the fuel tank end and then refitted them slightly shorter.

once you have the fule tank out, you will notice the pump on a little shelf and i dont think it is too hard to remove. If you are going to replace the fuel lines however why not replace the whole lot and cut them? with the exception of the filler hose it should not be much extra cost to buy new ones.

As for the sills where are they rusty? at the back under the plastic pannel and just infront of that? and on the underside of the same area?

thats where mine were gone, what i did was cut the hole with a rotary tool so that i had nice metal to weld to and then positioned a patch inside the hole. onec you weld it in place build up the weld metal on top until it is the right level all over, grind smooth then use some body filler - worked a treat on mine - the mot tester could not even tell it had been welded - i did something almost exactly the same on the rear drivers side corner which had rusted away completely - i'll post some pictures later. when you weld right next to the arch however make sure you have cleaned all the underseal and stone chip off, or it will catch fire. - you can get metal to weld patches with off fleabay - look for 0.8mm or 1.0mm sheet steel.

other things to bear in mine - check the back of the fuel tak for rust, and where the tak mounts with the bash guard to the rear chassis member - it was badly coroded on mine, and i had to fabricate new mounts and get a tank from a breakers.

that black box in the side of the car is something to do with the charcoal canister under the bonet - although im not sure what that is for - its not preasurerised - maybe it is some kind of breather? - the funny cone shapped thing attatched to the black box is a one way valve i think.

any other problems i'll try and help and as i say i will post some pictures tonight


Cheers Tom. That all sounds

Cheers Tom. That all sounds very useful. The sills have gone on the outside and underneath, all external. There are holes near the front arches and the rear. Basically below the doors and where the internal light switch plunger wiring comes out of the bodywork. Think my dad was going to make me some over sills but i prefer the sound of your idea. He's a master craftsman so he wouldn't have any problems and it should be just as strong.
Not planning on doing much more until after winter as I'm doing the prep work on my drive so it's going to be a good few weeks before I do any more. Still need to call a sparky out to trace my ignition problem too. Cray 2 It will all be worth it in the end though. Thanks for your help. Shaun