2003 Sirion Rally 4 - goosegog


Hi guys. I'm new here. After asking questions for a few weeks and almost buying a YRV Premium, I've bought myself a series 2 2003 Sirion Rally 4

It's the one that was on Autotrader recently. It's in generally very good nick considering the mileage at 90,000. It's a daily driver for me, the 4WD being useful as the roads often don't get gritted around our country lanes

Between us, my girlfriend and I also have a 1988 Toyota Mater Ace Surf

A 1974 Datsun 100A (gf's)

and a 1968 Toyota Corona (mine!)

The Toyota and Datsun are in the month's (Dec) Practical Classics


That Datsun is just awesome!!!
Looks like it just rolled off the production line!

Oh and the Rally4 looks better with stripes in those photos, I see why you keeping them on now...

Just call me G... Wink
2004 Yellow YRV Turbo

Just call me G... Wink
2004 Yellow YRV Turbo

Wheel Arch Liners

That's great news about the chain! A proper engine

Next question - my car appears that it should have rear wheel arch liners but they're missing. Should it? The arches, fuel filler pipes, sill ends etc are exposed

Garage - RS Williams


Looking Nice and shiny there

Looking Nice and shiny there Wink

Noticed the Lidl front silver windscreen wipers Smile

Nice find, haven't seen a Rally 4 in silver before.

Hope you enjoy it.


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That is a couple of tasty

That is a couple of tasty lookin Rally 4s.Ive owned a rally 2 in the same colour for about 3 years love every drive of it never seen another one up my neck of the woods.Still have people askin me about it when out and about, she just clicked over to 40000 miles and feels as good as when i bought it despite startin to develop a bit of a whine in 2nd gear,job for next summer i think hopefully not a biggy

My Neck Of The Woods

Im from Middlesbrough. Not seen a rally since i bought mine.There was a rally 4 in the area had nice custon exhaust you could hear it coming.Thats what made me look them up on the net and eventually buy one.Could have waited a bit longer as the other one in the area come up for sale shortly after.Think it was listed on this site at one time.