headlights too bright???


Hi all,
I have a sportrak thats lifted and and monster tyres. however at night when my headlights are switched on they seem really bright and everyone infront of my thinks I have my main beams on and say they are dazzling them. Is this because it is lifted, if so is there any way I can adjust the beam????
Obviously i dont mind having bright lights its just that im getting fed up with people complaining....




Just how high are your headlights above the ground. I suggest you check with the C+U regs , as I think MoT tests do not take this into consideration. Also have you replaced the bulbs with higher than legal wattage/HID bulbs. Or even discuss this with a Police Traffic Officer, for your peace of mind. With a lifted/modified truck you may be an object of interest to the Boys in Blue.

Have you informed your insurance company of these modifications, if not you may be not covered by your insurance, because if not, your insurance will be invalid, again of interest to the B in B.

Edward (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX