My auto locking hub won't engage i've opened it and saw that one end of the clip(spring i don't know how to say it) broke off. Is it possible to repair it, or I have to buy new hubs?I have one more big problem.One end of a halfshaft(ithink it is called halfshaft) is very loose when I tighten it-I can move it in all directions-mechanic said that it is some sort of bronze bushing inside the diff,and of course that it will be very expensive to change it Sad .Did anyone had similar problems?Is it easy to change it, and can I do it by myself.Will I break something if I drive in this state?Is it possible to mount manual hubs instead of auto?

I would definitely change the

I would definitely change the auto hubs for manual ones..its very easy to do and manual hubs are much more reliable in my opinion.

I was lucky recently and bagged myself a set of manual hubs for my Mahindra jeep on German Ebay for £65 including postage..normal price in this rip-off country of ours would be around £120-150.

If you contact 4x4 breakers you may be able to pick a set of manual hubs up very cheaply. The factory fitted make of hubs are called AISIN..they are fantastically robust and very well engineered.

The hubs that fit Fourtracks have the following specifications

24 splines
5 bolt attachment (use the bolts holding your auto hubs)
P.C.D. of 90.00 mm

Another make AVM can be had fairly cheaply the model number is 440.

You probably can repair your auto hubs by getting hold of refurbishment kit (this depends on the make of your auto hubs)

As far as your halfshaft problem is concerned I'm not entirely sure I understand what you mean (you dont tighten half shafts..they fit into the differential by the splines on the end of the shaft.Are you sure its the half shaft you have a problem with Unknw

Sorry for my bad english, I w

Sorry for my bad english, I will try to explain -It is situated behind the hub- when you remove the hub you see an axle with a bolt on the end-that axle is very loose.

Ah ...yes we are talking abou

Ah ...yes we are talking about the half -shaft.
Its funny but UK Daihatsus do not have a bolt on the end of the axle..they have a circlip (small round metal clip).

I know that some do have bolts. When you get hold of the bolt you should be able to move the axle stub in and out a little..this is very normal and nothing to worry about.

But it's not a little !I can

But it's not a little !I can move it in all directios in circular motion-only on the right wheel!