water in fuel system


just filled my fourtrak with water instead of diesel.(the water was at the bottom of a fuel storage tank). My engine was ticking over at the time she made a few spluttering noises and then stalled. On realising what had happened I drained my fuel tank blew out the fuel lines and changed the filter.I bled it at the bleed screw on the filter head. I then tried starting the engine in the normal way followed by a lot of churning but the engine would not start.
Can anyone tell me what to do next Unknw

No go Juice


After bleeding air from the filter unit , slacken the pipe union on injector 1, get an assistant to spin the engine over and when the spluttering/air is dispelled retighten. Suggest you carry a spare filter, as water may still remain in the tank)

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Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Bleeding Fuel System


My experience carrying out this task is that using the lift pump or cranking the engine just doesnt provide a positive result.

Because I dont own an air compresor to pressurise the tank, best option, I have used an old vacuum cleaner to suck fuel through to the injector pump by removing the intake line. Its works a treat, however dont use Mums machine as diesel does horrible things to the cleaners inards.