Fourtrak just dies


My four has a odd little problem. It dies after about 2 miles, no power, but once I've stopped or if not in traffic, popped the clutch, I can start up again on the key or bump start if still moving.
It will do this at almost the same stop each day. Once started it will go on for another mile or so, and do the same thing again. It may do this 3 or 4 times then carry on as if nothing has happened. I have replaced the oil and fuel filters, and it appeared to be ok for a couple of weeks and then started playing up again. One morning the battery went flat and out came the AA man. We started the old girl up without any problem, but we noticed that the fuel filter primer plunger would suck down hard. This could be a blockage but the fuel blows through ok. It ran on and off for 3 hours that morning without a cough. Next morning died at the SAME place.
If I pump the primer 10 times or more it will run as if nothing has ever been wrong. If it hadn't had a new clutch fitted just after the filters were changed, it would be in the great off road track in the sky. Any ideas or thoughts?

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Sounds like a restriction in fuel line. Has the fuel line had a section replaced with a plastic or non re enforced tubing, this could have collapsed under the suction, or has crud built up in the fuel tank and being constantly sucked up ! . Have you tried running with bypassing the filter unit to iliminate the filter housing ??, pick up a filter unit from a scrappy and try it, any unit for a test and jury rig it.

Edward (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

fourtrak just dies

Sorry for delay getting back to you guys, but the rad finally gave up as well. Already had a spare via eBay, so been fitting that. Word of caution mk2 rads don't fit a mk1. Fortunately the guy I got it from swapped it for the right one. That was two weeks ago, and no problems with dying. UNTIL yesterday. I've now flushed the filter through with STP injector cleaner and am now waiting for my spares man to come out of hospital to get another fuel filter housing.

Andy G

Sounds like the systems non

Sounds like the systems non return valve is stuck open and syphoning fuel back to the fuel tank from the fuel filter.

It will retain some fuel in the system, this means it has enough to start, but once its used it dies as it has not sucked enough from the tank to replenish the fuel filter.

The non return valve is located in the top section of the fuel filter housing casting, and is awkward to get at, but one can be fitted in the fuel feed line near the filter housing with a little care.