Oil levels (Sporty)


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Just checked the oil level on my Sportrak and it had dropped to *just* below the bottom/minimum marker on the dipstick. It was half-way between the 2 markers 6 weeks ago when i bought it (done 2000 miles in that time)... seems too be getting through a fair bit of oil??!! Not sure why (can't see any leaks)... anyone got any ideas??

Also, i found out that the sportrak holds 3.5 litres of oil, so put about 2.5 in and its quite a bit past the top marker. Is that a problem, is it OK to leave it or should i drain it off?

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Engine oil

You must drain it off mate....dont leave it overfull..you will knacker the engine.

Drain it off as Mike says - a

Drain it off as Mike says - and I would start from scratch by giving it a full oil & filter change, then checking the level after leaving for a good while on a dead level surface. The oil may well be knackered and thin.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Oil Levels (Sporty)

You may find that either the sump plug is leaking and the oil is laying in the engine shield or as I have found, the rocker cover bolts work loose and require tightening every now and again.
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oil levels

my 91 sporty does the same, had it just over 3 months, did a complete oil change (engine/gearbox/diffs) checked it 3 weeks later , needed 2 ltrs of oil, checked it again on thursday, same again 2ltrs. i get a smell of burning oil yet theres no oil in the engine bay at all, all i can think of is the valves or rings are worn and it is burning it ( no blue smoke tho) .... very strange ... got me stumped

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sporty oil burner

Our sporty (91 also) is another oil demon. It uses about 0.5 L every 500 miles. I've not been able to find any leaks, she doesn't smoke, so I was wondering where the stuff was going. The only thing I could compare it to was an alfa romeo I had which needed 0.5L of oil every 350 to 500 miles ( manufacturers recommendation). I know the sporty has quite a high revving engine and I wondered if anyone had access to a manual indicating what the oil burn should be.

oil levels

as to weather you should drain depends on the amount over full!if its no more than half a litre and you dont off road it you shouldnt have any probs, AS to the comsumption of the oil my guess would be the valve guide oil seals,seeing as you say it doesnt smoke,you may not notice the genie appear at the rear when you first start it from cold!
Ive got a sporty thats done 152,000 miles and it uses about half a litre every 2 - 3000 miles!!