Fourtrak F70/75 winch Bumper. another veiw



Let me know what you think of this design, the production version will be slightly different in certain areas but will be CNC laser cut as opposed to being hand cut as this one was and will retail for under £200 in bare steel or can be powder coated red or black for an extra £40. It is mounted with eight 12mm high tensile bolts to existing chassis points and will fit most lowline winches without the need of the body lift on my car. Question is how many people would buy? your feedback will be very welcome.
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GOOD JOB but i would add

Very good mate it looks strong and very well made better than i could ever do BUT if i was spending £200 on one i would be looking for oen with a bit ov protection to the rad and intercooler but not blocking the lights and it mite be a good idea to make one that fits a lifted rocky hope this helps

dave.p east yorkshire

looks good, would love to

looks good, would love to have one, unfortunately the lack of money prevents this, i agree with Dave, a bit of protection over the radiator would be nice, something a bit like the shadow tubular winch bumpers made for defenders. Could also be good to fit on some under body protection on it as well if possible


If i don't do anything spontaneous in life, ill die boring

If i don't do anything spontaneous in life, ill die boring

Winch Bumper

Hi Dave.

As one with NO experience of winch bumpers, the initial thought was how vunerable the tyre looks to an impact on the tubular sections of the bumper, the mounting seem ok though.

Edward (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX