fourtrak wheels spaces or diffrent rims


hi i have a fourtrak lifted with 31x12.50 grizzlys and some cheap wheel spacers (£55)off ebay and it looks great but when fitting the wheel spacers i didnt think there up to the job at all infact (DANGEROUS) so not being out much latey

so my qustion is dose anyone know of a way i can space my wheels SECURLY with out spending £175-£225 on a strong set ??? i thought maybe diffrent rims if so withc ones or maybe hubs

allso anyone with good homemade mods please come foward HOWEVER MAD

cant suggest any makes or

cant suggest any makes or anything but the spacers are never a good idea, they destroy your bearings. may as well order a new set if you take it out. id just get a new set of rims. its safer and cheaper in the long run.
Hope it of some help to you

If i don't do anything spontaneous in life, ill die boring

If i don't do anything spontaneous in life, ill die boring


[img]C:\Users\emma\Pictures\my fourtrak\DSC00843.JPG[/img]could i just put my stock rims on backwards cos my tyers rub with no spacers or is that a silly thing to do thanks dave[img]http://C:\Users\emma\Pictures\my fourtrak\DSC00843.JPG[/img]

not the best thing to do

it can sometimes mess up your rim, rotors, and the joints. the brake calipers would also prevent this from happening. so yeah a slightly silly thing to do
the best thing would be to just get wider rims, with some tires which are slightly wider than the rims, they can then be stretched on and should look pretty good when its done

If i don't do anything spontaneous in life, ill die boring

If i don't do anything spontaneous in life, ill die boring

Reversing Wheel Rims


Tyre choice- 31x10.50x15 seems to be the best size, you lose a little on the steering lock, but they allow the trucks weight to bear down and cut through the crud to get traction, wider tyres allow the truck to, as were, float on the soft mud and loose traction ( wider/over size tyres for Saudi sand and thinner tyres for British mud). For just show purposes the sky's the limit

Wheel Spacers- Can add stability, as the Fourtrak has a narrow wheelbase, aspecialy if you have lifted the truck, or wish to fit over size tyres. You must be prepared to pay for these, get proven quality items, such as sold by Bloodred Offroad. (this is a safety issue). Be prepared to make possible adjustments to the steering geometry, and be aware of the increased loading on the wheel/axle bearings, and of course extending the wheel arches to comply with C+U regs.

Reversing Wheel Rims- Most unsafe, the rims were designed to fit the proper way, the location holes for the studs/wheel nuts are pressed to locate and lock tight. Loading on the rims and bearings will be excessive, leading to failure (safety issue), possible steering problems and tyres extending from the wheel arches.

I suggest if you really wish to fit wider tyres you should seek out after market rims, that are suitable for a Fourtrak, these will have the correct offset. I also suggest you read the relevant section in the "How it Works"

Edward (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Off roading tip

Although wider tyres look great on a vehicle they hinder forward motion as they do not dig into the ground to find grip unlike a well treaded skinny tyre, they add a bit more stabililty to a lifted truck but whenever ive been around wide tyred vehicles they get bogged down alot easier than on on skinny rubber. And the only spacers i reccomend are's as they are properly made.

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