Engine Management Light


I have a Hijet 993 and the Engine Management Light comes on at steady speed above 50 MPH, The Van runs well otherwise.
What do I have to do to correct the situation?

Management Light

The only way to diagnose this is to have the E.C.U read with a code reader. Most garages should be able to do this, but obviously there will be a charge. I suspect that it is a fuelling problem. Bite the bullet and have it read, report back here when you find out what the problem was.

Littlevanman Hi Jetex I took

Hi Jetex
I took the van to my local dealer but the ECU reader plug was missing. It looks like the previous owner modified the wiring.

I did have the exhaust emissions checked and they are spot on

So has anyone got a wiring diagram so that I can reinstate the ECU plug?

For those who have the early EFI 998s, there is a transducer on the opposite side of the inlet manifold to the throttle cable (that is the throttle position sensor). just infront of that sensor if a black rubber plug that covers a set screw.
That set screw is the tickover control and affects the mixture.


Engine Management Light

A couple of points
1/ in the recent cold wether the number of times the light has come on during a journey increased.
2/ on my last journey the thermostat stuck and the heater went cold but the engine management light went off and stayed off.
3/ I have changed the thermostat, the heater is back on line and so far the engine management light has stayed out