YRV vs YRV Turbo Electric Windows Master Switch


Thought I hit a bit of good luck when I found a master switch to replace the broken one on my YRV Turbo. But when I got it, the normal YRV one has a slightly different back. The loom is exactly the same, but it definitely does not work. The loom slides in vertically on the one and horizontally on the other. It fits in, but does not power up anything. That makes me think the sirion one also doesnt work, despite it looking exactly the same from the top (besides the colour).
So will have to pay full price of £175 for a new part Sad

On the plus side, I got the tonneau cover and door check strap for cheap cheap Smile

That's interesting What

That's interesting Scratch one-s head

What year YRV did the switches come from? The turbo came in 2003 and lasted to the end of 2004. Maybe switches from an older model doesn't fit the turbo perhaps?

You could always try a later model?

I take it there are no scrap yards near you to have a look at one before you buy?

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Not sure why the plug would

Not sure why the plug would be wired different? Are you sure your getting voltage to the switch?? Try swapping the back and inners off the old and new. Ive had my switch apart and nothing jumps out so dont worry about putting it back together.
Are you coming to the meet up on Sunday? If so bring it with you and i might be able sort it or if you prepared to post to me i can have a go. I work as a Technology Technician and ok with electronics etc
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Differences on the switches...

I should've taken photos, but I have already returned the master switch and got a refund.
This 2002 YRV was the one I bought the switch off.

The differences were:
The female part of the loom on the master switch itself on the YRV turbo slides in vertically, the one from the 2002 YRV slides in horizontally.
There are 3 sections on the turbo one. I have taken my turbo one apart. The only thing that is wrong with mine is the main drivers window switch lever has broken off and wasn't with the car when I bought it. The light still comes on and the 3 other windows controls still work fine on mine. But when I plugged in the 2002 YRV one, there was no light, no power and this was after the breakers tested it to see that the unit was still fully functioning. So I suspect different loom wirings.
There is only one separating section on the 2002 YRV master switch. And it is slightly deeper. So I didn't want to open it as then I would not be able to get a refund. But I could definitely see that the lower section was different to the split lower sections of my turbo one. So I decided to rather get the refund and wait for next month and buy a new one, or perhaps with some luck find a breaking yrv turbo.

I've checked the breakers that I know of around Bristol and Bath, but no luck on finding any YRVs or Sirions. Sad

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