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Hello. I am going to need some new Tyres for my 1990 F70 reasonably soon and I would like to know what to buy. I currently have 215/80R15. I searched and read the other 5 or so previous threads on here about this and found more than one answer. I would like to know what tyres will fit on my F70 standard steel rims with no modification, rubbing or steering lock loss. I know that 215/80 will fit, but I saw that some people run on 235/75 and 255/70. Will these bigger sizes fit on my truck?
I am also probably going to get them fitted, I used to do my own, but since I painted the rims I don't want to risk damaging the paint(I don't have a machine, only tyre levers :P). I did a quick search on google and "Kwik Fit" have GT Savero 235/75T15 for £60 each. How does this sound? I am sure this doesn't include fitting, balancing, valves and disposal, any idea what a decent price for this would be?
I mainly drive on roads, but some are poor quality, muddy and sh*tty country lanes. I have to go light off roading occasionally. Even on the motorway I rarely go over 60mph(non-turbo!).

Thanks for any help!


Two sizes will fit your

Two sizes will fit your existing rims, these are the 215/15 or 235/75/15 without problems.

If you move to the wider alloys you can fit 235/75/15 or 265/70/15 without problems.

If your use is mainly road work then i would suggest Cooper, look on the "Tyre Spec" website, they list all the prices which include delivery. These are new tyres, not remoulds; and have a very good working life as they are a premium brand, but do not suffer off road, many have them fitted and would not swap them.

I would suggest the AST II as they are 70/30's, or designed for 70% road use with 30% off road use and are superb in either environment.

Thanks Assassin, these look

Thanks Assassin, these look great and your recommendation means a lot. I'm glad that the 235/75 will fit on my existing rims.

Thanks again!

I tried them about four

I tried them about four years ago on my road going vehicle, they performed and handled better than the original Bridgestones, and lasted considerably longer.

Articles were published in many off road magazines, describing them as the best kept secret in tyre technology, a sentiment with which i agree. My personal experiences were that they lasted for the 60,000 miles i covered in that vehicle both on and off road, and even after that mileage had considerable tread left.

Many people have tried them based on my recommendations, they have all found similar results on a variety of vehicles.

Just checked

Just checked for prices, they do Cooper Discoverer AST II in 235/75/15 at £56.07 each.

This includes full delivery to your address and is inclusive of VAT, i.e. the price you see is the price you pay.

You will have to have them fitted and balanced, but a proven premium brand tyre against a cheap own brand is a no brainer.