What price should I ask for when selling my mildly faulty Fourtrak? (more info in thread)


Well, I have a foutrak which has no MOT due to excessive corrosion (which I mentioned in a previous post several months ago). The corrosion to fix with a welder etc looks to be about a 2 grand job.

So what does anyone reckon my chances are of selling it to:
a) An off-road enthusiast/farmer who is still happy to drive it - it is still very robust and fully functional, just happens to not be road legal, so is still useful for any other type of activity.

b) Someone with their own welding gear who can do the fixing job themselves to make it road legal.

It has 4 good all terrain tyres which are all near enough new, which makes it worth nearly 300 quid already just with those on!

It's a 1993 TDX Independent model, maroon, all in pretty good working order apart from it's lack of MOT,

So could anyone suggest what kind of price I could consider if I want to sell it on as a spares/repairs job or to someone who can still use it for other purposes or fix it up themselves?

Or, even better, does anyone on this forum want to take it off my hands for a reasonable price?!? (I'm based in north yorkshire)

Thanks for any help!

I can't imagine its still in

I can't imagine its still in one piece if its going to take £2,000 to repair it! Whats actually rusted away?

You will make more money splitting it, but this required a reasonable amount of time and practical tools and knowledge, which I assume you don't have(no offence intended). You have the same problem with selling it split as you do whole, someone has to want it, which is totally random. There seem to be a lot of pre-built/modified 'traks for sale for a few hundred quid on Ebay, so I'm not sure of your success on that route. I'd probably sell the tyres on there own and stick the truck on Ebay for 200-300 as spare parts, to see what I could get.

take of wheels

Put the tyres on ebay, they will make more money, then yer either sell parts or whole thing, the engine will be worth summit for starters, i advise to use ebay for selling the whole thing or spares its a good way to make some cash, but sell the vehicle in one lump to get shot of it and youll only get £400 at best i reckon.

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!

youtube: Redfourtrack

Hi. Recently purchased of


Recently purchased of Ebay for spares, for my own use a '92 Fourtrak F75 DL51 engine,TDX , originaly Irish origin !!! now with some one's UK personal plate,( rear lights in pillar as well as bumper) delivered localy.

Mot was expired by 1 month ( now declared off road), leaking water pump,U/S tyres, leaking front hub seal, ( leaking onto front disc), no front prop, ( front prop was in the back with U/S spiders) and fitted manual hubs, U/S battery. all springs tired. door pillar on drivers side had rust hole at base, rest of body not bad, no rear wiper unit !!!!.

No water in oil and also no oil in water, replaced battery and a first time cold starter, no smoke ,oil or fuel and I worked it hard over the field, just the interior smelt of dog pee !!!!. As an extra, the door windows were fitted with those draught excluder things!!! and a cup holder thingy inserted into the passenger grab handle area. Price £350, delivered. Now in storage in poly tunnel.

Edward (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

It's in really good nick

It's in really good nick apart from the rusted bit. Literally everything works, apart from the bloody passenger door mechanism doesn't work from the outside anymore after I snapped part of it trying to open it on that first patch of frost we got a couple of weeks ago (still works from the inside handle though). I mean, I was using it as my main form of transport every day until it was very suddenly declared a write-off at it's next MOT!

The reason it failed the MOT I think is because the rust is too near various seatbelt fittings and maybe one small bit of chassis that can be replaced. The general price of £2000 for a repair was more in the labour hours it would take a mechanic/welder to finish the job. The rust is in both footwells in the rear passenger seats. Pulling the carpet back you can see some sod tried to cover it with hard setting plastic filler, and somehow got away with it (and therefore I was the unlucky one to buy it for a grand and a half from a car dealership!). Without pulling the carpet back the car appears as normal. It was only discovered when they did the hammer test and it didnt sound like metal. But sadly now it's been discovered, they bashed all the hard plastic away and you can see through to the floor in some places. Still, a couple of metal plates and some welding skills would sort it easily.

If someone already had the knowledge and welding gear etc it would probably only cost them a couple of hundred in replacement parts and resources. Then just the price of the MOT and they've got a grand or more's worth of 4x4 to sell on!

And yep you're totally right, I know nothing of mechanics so wouldn't be able to break it down for parts!

Going by the description I've just given of it's current state, along with some nice fairly new tyres with almost 100% tread left, is £500 a reasonable price to ask if I want to sell it on as spares/repairs/fixable?

If you sell it with the

If you sell it with the tyres I think £500 would be within easy reach. Its terrible that you bought it bodged!