Terios Problems


My year 2000 Terios started making bad engine noises at 55k miles, sounded like big end, so I brought it to a Daihatsu dealer to be repaired. The crank was repaired and a new con-rod and bearing fitted along with a new gasket set at a cost of £750. On my way home after collecting the car it started to heat up so I let it cool and then toped up the coolant, when I got home I found that the hoses clips on the heater matrix had not been refitted. I fitted them and contacted the dealer again to inform him of the situation and to tell him that the engine was still quite noisy and had oil seeping from it. It was returned to the dealer and he said that he set the valves and could not find any oil leak, a short time after its return to me the oil light came on and I had to top up with 2L of oil. 200 miles later the oil light was on again and 2L of oil was again required, I had contacted the dealer and had arranged for the car to be looked at again. When I went to collect the car the dealer told me that as a result of the head having to be removed to fit the new con-rod the compression had increased and the engine would now need new rings fitted, at my expense. I don’t have a problem with paying for the rings but I don’t think I should have to pay for the other parts i.e. gaskets etc and the labour that I had paid for in the first place.
The car is now unusable due to lack of power and the smoke coming from the engine, which is still very noisy. I have contacted Daihatsu UK through their “phone me” service on their web site but as yet I have not been contacted. What should I do?

Some photos

These are some photos taken after terios was repaired.

Loose hose clips on heater matrix

Oil Leak


Dodgy Dealer

Did the dealer explain how removing the cylinder head increaded the compression ratio?
From memory the compression will only increase if you reduce the area between the piston and cylinder head, normally by skimming the head, or fitting a thinner gasket.
Neither of these should cause ring failure, and I think that the dealer is trying it on.
Contact the AA or RAC and ask them to inspect the vehicle (if you're a member this should be straightforward, if not you may have to pay for the check)When you have this information either discuss the options with the dealer or go straight to the local trading standards office and ask them for advice. My line would be that under the sale of goods act the services supplied are not of acceptable standards.
Good luck

The dealer offered no explain

The dealer offered no explaination as to how the compression ratio increased and the head was not skimmed. He is not willing to reduce his charge for the repair and still intends to charge me for all parts even those that had been fitted and paid for with the first repair ( gaskets etc ) and full labour charges to strip and rebuild the engine.
I would like to talk to Daihatsu UK about this but I cant get a contact number but I did try through there "Phone Me" on the web site but have not had a reply?