daihatsu fourtrak rear brake problem


have a daihatsu fourtrack 16oocc 3 door model.having trouble gettin rear drums off.they wont budge,does any 1 know how they cum off and does the halfshaft come off without taking brakes off.cheers

do you mean a sportrak?? or old fourtrak??

Either way with sticky drums a hard rubber mallet or something alike, lots of wd40 soaking overnight and some good bashing round should see it move, on some drums they fit threaded holes to wind bolts into that push the drum of but 9 times out of ten the thread rusts away to useless, also some tyre levers on the back of the drum will help, dont forget to have the hand brake off as this allows the shoes to grip the drum, just use persistance and patients, but dont go hitting it hard with a big metal 'ammer.

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!

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The Drums


Release handbrake, check rear of brake back plate for a elongated hole filled by a rubber plug, inside a star wheel adjuster, slaken off by poking/moving with a screwdriver, ( brake drum will have a wear ridge. you need the shoes to clear this), if threaded holes are present in the face of the drum, screw in bolts gently,a bit for each one and tap the rear of the drum as you do this with a copper or soft hammer (or via a block of wood and lump hammer), you may be able to use a large puller, but generaly its the persistent soft face hammer job, and work all the way around the drum. As they are cast, a hard hammer will shatter them.

When you replace them coat the mating drum/half shaft surfaces with Copper Coat, will stop them rusting back on, easier next time

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

its a old fourtrak.being a

its a old fourtrak.being a rite pain.tryed above method,but aint seem to be moving,even taken four nuts off and took whole unit and halfshaft out,but didnt help.cheers 4 advice,


Hi. I take it the drum is


I take it the drum is rusted to the half shaft. Have you tried soaking the area with a penetrating oil. If you have a hot air gun (very usefull where you cannot use a gas torch) and I mean a high powered one, heat up the area where the drum mates with the half shaft, the expansion should crack the rust seal, and use lots of soft faced hammer blows all around the drum back to assist, or a large puller. Worse case scenario get a pair off ebay/breakers and smash the original, keep one for spares in case this happens again.

Hope this helps.

Edward (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX