wanted fourtrak handbrake cable or cables


I'm looking for an older cable,sorry I don't have the model.The cable has(at the drum end)a square nipple/long spring over the cable/rubber grommet with spring steel locating fingers(a bit like a car aerial lead)which push in to the drum.I would buy new but as I'm going to modify/chop them it seems a waste.There are some on ebay so if anybody thinks they have the right ones I'll send a pic. thanks

Model Spec


Fourtrak F70 series

Take a look at the data plate, on engine compartment bulk head, for model spec, the link below should help understand it.


Addition-: check out 'Milners' top of page 'Parts Dealers' for hand brake cable or phone/email them and ask, very helpfull people

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Sorry but as I said I don't

Sorry but as I said I don't have the model only an axle!These cables are quite expensive new hence my request for used ones as I shall be chopping/modifying them.I have seen some on ebay that would fit so if anyone is breaking a fourtrak I would be interested in the cables as long as the outers are not cut/chaffed etc.The ebay number is 220504921278 F70 2.8D to help identify the cables.I'm only interested in the end that goes in the backplate.It doesn't matter if they are L or R as I shall be shortening them anyway(The brake shoes are SHU 417) Hope that helps,thanks.