Finding TDC on cylinder 1 compression stroke?


The rest of the timing belt change seems straightforward enough, just ordered all of the engine belts from Milners (I'm in the USA). What is the easiest way to be sure I am at TDC on Cyl. 1 on the compression stroke? I have a 2.8 TD fitted to my old Landie and have the whole front end off of it for some fixes and a repaint so access to the front of the engine is unimpeded right now.


Terrific, thanks. Now to

Terrific, thanks. Now to check with Milners and see if the ones they sell have the timing marks, seems so much easier than counting teeth.

Well, Milners got my order

Well, Milners got my order right out in the mail the next morning and said that the belt does NOT have the timing marks on it. For those that have done so, is a fairly easy fix to count the teeth and mark the belt appropriately myself? Any tips?

Easy peasy

Set the engine up at TDC on cylinder 1 to line up the dots on the timing wheels with the marks on the engine. Otherwise, it's just a bit of a pain to count the teeth between the marks on the old belt and set the new belt up the same.

A couple of words of advice:-

1) Draw a diagram of the marks and the belt teeth BEFORE you take off the old belt. Either that or take some pictures with your digital camera to record the old settings.

2) After you have fitted the new belt, wind the engine over a couple of times with a spanner on the crankshaft bolt. If the engine locks up, you've fouled up. It's rather more embarassing when you don't do this, and it makes the awful clunk when you try to start up for the first time.

One last silly question

Counting from the front of the engine, is valve 1 the intake or exhaust valve? Merry Christmas to all as well.


I realized how silly this question was after I went out to the garage and took a look at it.