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Hi I,ve just taken in px a 1999 T Fourtrak 2.8 td which has a problem with third gear it sometimes jumps out when you come off the throttle, However the fourtrak came whith another gearbox and transfer box in the boot, i dropped it off to have a clutch and gearbox change but have been told by my mechanic that its different ccould this just be the transfer box or are there different types, my fourtrak has auto locking hubs two gearsticks and a button on the dash for the four wheel drive???????? Many Thanks in advance Dan

Different Gearbox's


Sounds like syncro ring has gone.

Gearbox out of a petrol Fourtrak would probably have different gearing to a diesel, and different bell housing to the engine,( older style transfer box)

Older Mk1 Fourtrak 2.8 Diesel transfer box's also had the all the selections (4Lo,2Hi,4Hi) on the transfer gear stick, where the later Mk1 box's were 2Hi and 4Lo with the 4Hi selection via the dash switch. ( many folks have fitted the older box's and blanked of the switch/wiring/ actuating pipe work)

Mines a '92 leaf spring (Mk1) with the 4Lo/2Hi transfer box and a dash switch for 4Hi, I think the same box as fitted to (Mk2) coil sprung versions .

I think there have been post's on this before. And the I believe the transfer boxs can be swapped

Edward (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX