Sportrak Queries


Hi guys, I am considering buying a Sportrak and wondered if you could me some advice?
I have £3000 to spend, is this enough.
Are they reliable, this is going to be my daily commute car.
How readily available are parts, especially in the Glasgow area.
What problems/faults should I be looking out for


For £3k you will get a very good one. Try to go for a ELXi or high spec with the toys, elect mirrorsd, windows cdl, etc.

Reliability is very good and they are easy to work on.

Parts, well most of the normal service items are not a problem, most decent motor factors will stock the bits, or there are a couple of specislist suppliers, milners, jap4x4, g dewhurst to name a few.

Have a good drive of one before you decide, and go for full service history if poss.

Get a good one and you will be very happy, they are superb vehicles for the cash. Dont forget Daihatsu are related to Toyota.