Fourtrak, Possible front axle CV joint wear


'92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX, manual hubs.

Hi all.

Need my suspicions confirming.

I noticed/heard a "tink,tink" from what seems the right hand front wheel area,especialy from on full lock, when extricating another Fourtrak from a ditch recently. No further use of 4x4, no locked hubs since that date.

Noticed today while running on the highway, hubs locked/2Hi, a noticable rumble. So I tried a out a clutch in roll down hill, engine ticking over.Definite rumble noise from right front wheel area, unlocked hubs and did the roll again, no noise.

Suspect CV joint in swivel housing,grease level in housing seems okay, wheel bearing and manual hub both okay. Comments any one.

Q-: is it possible to replace with out dismantling/removing the brake caliper/disconecting brake line, ie- suspending the brake assembly, with a spacer between the brake pads.

Edward (ews)

Yes, its actually a better

Yes, its actually a better way to do it.

Underneath the vehicle: remove the drive flange from the front differential, this is four or six bolts depending on model. Peel back the CV boot, clean, and you will see the fixing which holds it onto the driveshaft. Remove this and the shaft and the joint will be left.

Remove the front hub and remove the front bearing nut, drive the joint and shaft through with a small punch. Nothing else such as the brakes need to be removed.

Alternatively: remove the drive flange from under the vehicle, strip to the hub nut and remove this, drive it out and the whole shaft can be striped on the bench as a single unit.

Not difficult to remove caliper!!

Are we talking about solid front axles here?? i guess we are, to be honest mine has been in this same state as yours for years now, just keep them well greased with lithium, have had them out several times to look at but there just not that bad, the balls get slightly worn which make them knock on full lock in 4wd and mine has done alot of heavy 4wd off road work without issue of the cv's failing, i personally just would not worry about them because they are so solid, its only when axles are abused they go bang!! not sure if you can get the joints any more, only place would be milner i guess, bet there expensive!!

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!
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Rumble , Rumble


Yep, its a solid axle, a leaf sprung version. Shot in half a cartridge of grease to be sure, via the top fill plug. Just do not like any funny noises !!!!. Milners have spares, price not to bad, so will purchase and keep in stock. I have another 'trak same year, for spares stored I hour away, but really wish to keep this complete for a future project or until spares become unavailble.

Edward (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX