Just a question on the Terios


Hi there

We are thinking of getting a 4wd and a Terios ticks all the boxes.
We can't afford a new one and we've seen a 1998 S Reg Terios. I guess this means it is a Mark 1.

My questions..

1) Is it full time 4wd?
2) I noticed on the dash a button which according to the salesman it locks the diff. What is this? Is it for crawling along through ice/snow at very low speed?

My previous 4wd was a old Justy which was brilliant (little button on gearstick to put into 4wd) but now unfortunately has rusted into nothing.

All the best and Merry Christmas to all

Phil and Kay Palmer


Hi and welcome.

First of all I am a long term Fourtrak owner, and have no real experience of a Terios.

The Terios has had many good reviews, and is claimed to be a far more capable offroader and 4x4 than its looks. One of our local farm vet outfits has replaced their Mk2 coil sprung Fourtraks, ( except for one who wishs to retain her Fourtrak, she does not like the driving position/room and just loves her Fourtrak) with Terios's.

As you can see from the poll on the right, there are not many active Terios members, unfourtunatly we can not mug them and force them to join us, hopefully more owners will find us and join, thus having a wider knowledge base available via the "Site Search" box, and more active members, to give assistance.

The Terios is I believe permenant 4x4 , the diff lock is a center/gearbox lock, the operation takes little bit of understanding, allows I believe the power to be split between the front and rear axle equaly, though if opposing wheels rear/front lose traction you will get stuck (left front/rear right for example) and I think will cause transmission wind up if engaged on hard surfaces(tarmac).There is not as I am aware that there is a limit on the speed at which it is used, thought I would think that one would only engage this Diff lock at low speeds and disingage when not need , via the electronic switch.

The link below has lots of usefull info, though beware it an American site, and the terminolgy will be different


I hope I have been of help and you will contribute your Terios experiences to the site if you purchase the Terios, as I have said we could do with more owners contributing.

Suggest you aquire the "Owners Handbook" either from seller or via at probably a great exspense from a dealer, lots of basic advice would then be available to you as a owner if you purchase

So come all you Terios owners lets have some posts on the vechicle, especialy on the correct operation of the "Diff lock", as we have had a number recently, due to weather conditions.

Edward (ews) (Moderator)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX


Hope you bought the terios i am sure you will not be dissapointed, the drive system is permanent 4 wheel drive the diff-lock button on the dash locks the centre diff which helps when off-road and in snow, there is no speed limit when engaged but ONLY engage/disengage when stationary or when at very slow speed with foot off throttle, with the diff engaged the Terios is a very capable 4x4 the biggest limitation is the tyres, and unless fitted with off-road types will struggle. You will probably find you do not need to engage the diff-lock unless the conditions are bad.




Have a look at my comments on

Have a look at my comments on this page:-
I think the one you are looking at is the earlier Terious. It is a totaly diffrent animal from the later version I belive. However not having driven one, I am not 100% sure...

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

OK, Terios is full time four

OK, Terios is full time four wheel drive. Diff lock switch locks centre diff just like a Landrover. It works very well. With some decent tyres I am very impressed with the capability. Obviously ground clearance is limited but for normal use on farm and in woods it is excellent. Recent snow and ice was no problem at all. My son very upset that he got to school everyday thanks to the Terios.
Hope you bought the car!

2001 Terios.
Best 4 x 4 x smiles