What have i got ?


I have recently bought a Q plated fourtrak 2.8 tdx with coil springs all round, now with it being a q plate i am having difficulty in finding parts as it no longer has a chassis plate and autopart centers dont recognise the plate. i think its a 90-91. one of the auto free wheeling hubs is gone so need a replacement. any ideas Unknw also are the hubs handed or will they need to be specific to the side of the wheel?

any help is appreciated.



Explanation of a 'Q' plate

Explanation of a 'Q' plate vehicle:


Sounds to me to be a kit car variant perhaps? Worth getting in touch with the DVLA.

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modified for starters

Youve got some kind of homebrew vehicle as coils all round are not standard for starters, best guess i would say it was originally a leaf sprung vehicle as they are easier to convert to coil springs all round, is there not a plate with a number on A: as you look at engine from front of vehicle look at its right side under the exhaust manifold have a good scratch round there with a torch and wipe and B: again looking at front of vehicle behind engine to the right of the bulkhead should be a silver tag saying a number i.e f75 or something...........

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!

youtube: Redfourtrack