F78 Fourtrak Fanbelt Problem


Almost home this evening when our faithful Fourtrak threw its fanbelt. I'm kicking myself because I had become aware of a new, rythmic, engine speed related noise and intended to check over Xmas as to the cause. I guess it was the belt starting to break up!

Two questions, if I may.

1. We live in Spain and Fourtaks are a rare breed here and autoparts dealers rarely recognise them. Does anyone know how I can establish a code or size for the correct replacement belt?

2. As I was only a very short distance from home I nursed it back keeping a very close eye on the temp. gauge! The brake servo was not working. I'm no great shakes as a mechanic, but why would losing the fanbelt effect the brake servo?

As it's the festive season, a Happy Christmas to all involved in this site, and my thanks for all the contributions from those of you happy to share your knowledge.

Fan Belt Ientification


Let me know the VIN of your vehicle and I will attempt to look it up in my EPC.

Fan Belt ID

Thanks Gravy. I appreciate the offer. It was dark when I got back, but I've seen this morning that the belt delaminated and threw itself off, but didn't actually part, and the remains are still on the car and it has the size printed on it, so I should be able to get one with that reference.

For the uninitated, what's an EPC?

Any ideas on the brake servo issue?

I see you are in Os. Are you having Turkey on the beach?

Have a good Christmas.

David T

The vacuum boost for the

The vacuum boost for the brakes comes from the vacuum pump that is on the rear of the alternator. No alternator belt = no vacuum.

Thanks Kevin. That's really

Thanks Kevin. That's really helpful. My limited knowledge of servos dates back to when the vacumn came via the engine. You learn something new all the time!

All I need now is to find a belt.

All the best.

David T

'93 Fourtrak 2.8TDL Hi We

'93 Fourtrak 2.8TDL


We have the same problem living in France; 'traks are rare, although there are 3 other than mine within 10km of my place.
For this reason I always consult Milner Off Road. They know their stuff; you can usually speak to someone direct concerning technical problems ([i]I'm no mechanic myself either) & their postal charges are reasonable, & delivery times quick, despite the efforts of the French postal service.
Hope this helps. Good luck & Merry Christmas

'93 Fourtrak 2.8TDL

Thanks Mousjoos

Thanks. I do use Milners but was hopeful of getting a belt locally. Now I have the code I have a fighting chance, notwithstanding my apalling Spanish!

Happy Christmas to you too.

If anyone has any thoughts on the Brake Servo problem I'd appreciate it.

David T



This is an acronym for Elecronic Parts Catalogue. Procured one from an Ebay seller in the States. Very helpful establishing the interchangeability of different model Rocky parts(our equivalent to your Fourtrak).

Not good beach weather at present we are getting rain from the remnants of a cyclone that hit the West Australian coast.

Glad you resolved your problem, all the best.



The EPC sounds very interesting. Specially for places where it is hard to find original manufacturer parts for the Fourtrak, or just compatible parts at all.
Is there a way I could get one of those? For my 1998 SWB LHD TD Fourtrak/Rocky?
It would really be appreciated.

Thank you very much.

EPC Procurement

Hi Mate

If you Google Ebay Aus and do a search under Electronic Parts Catalog there are sellers of this product in both the UK and the US.

I bought mine thru the US seller cost me $A50. Took a little communication to get the seller to send me the correct Vs that listed my F77 Series Rocky, however all was resolved.


Electronic Parts Catalog

Hi all.

Just ordered one of these from the States, Cd supposed to contain parts list/exploded diagrams for all Diahatsu models. Not a service manual. UPS delivery so should be quick, will let you know what it contains. (lists F70/80 series as well as cars and vans. ($49 US Dollars inc postage) May have bought a pig in a poke, lets see.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Thanks Gravy, that's worth

Thanks Gravy, that's worth knowing. I have trouble here in Spain even getting things like brake pads, although I suspect they are not unique to the 'trak.

I see you have interested others in the EPC, a business opportunity perhaps?

Thanks for your comments, I managed to get a new fanbelt today and faithful old Rocky is as happy as Larry again. Removing and replacing the aircon belt which has to come off first was a pig as my knuckles will atest but it's all sorted now.

All the best.

David T

wow, reading your question

wow, reading your question makes me feel lucky that I use the Trak in Indonesia, it is so easy to get belt replacement here, well maybe tomorrow I'll open my hood and write the belt code here.

Hi Taft I've since recorded

Hi Taft

I've since recorded the codes of the fan, power steering, and aircon belts, and put them in the handbook. Once bitten etc...

David T