we are looking at purchasing 1991 fourtrack 2.8 diesel can you tell me what to look out for, as i have reluctantly had to part company with my mitsubishi pajero 2.5 td as the head gasket has gone and i can't afford to do it as it may also need a new head so it will be far to expensive, but i had this for towing caravans also its cheap to run

so here goes what will the mpg be on the 2.8 and what will it tow well i'm looking for it to tow my van which is roughly 1500 kg? and any faults i should look for
any help will be greatly recieved i'm going to view tomorrow or tuesday.

we run a v reg fourtrak and

we run a v reg fourtrak and are constantly getting between 32 - 35 mpg without a trailer

with a trailer on we can get as low as 15 mpg (with about 4 tonne on tho and a lot of hills) but roughly 24 - 25 mpg with a 2.5 ton trailer on

check for rust mainly but engines etc are bomb proof just check to make sure its been serviced properly

Hi and welcome.

Max towing is 2.5 ton

Things to look out for, lots of similar available onsite.

Rear lights all working, problems with wiring due to salt coroision.

Rear load area, (welded seams) under carpet, internal wheel archs for corosion

Rear Wiper

Servere rusting around plastic wheel arch extensions, front and rear

Broken/colapsed leaf springs, front and rear.

Worn/leaking shocks

Corosion around door pillars and sills in seat belt area

Rear Door hinges for wear.

All the usual oil leaks, engine /box/transmission

Check that the front hubs lock , manual or auto type.

The engine is pretty bullet proof if it has been loocked after.

Lots of info on the site. Make use of the "Site Search" box on the left, just enter relevant terms.

Edward. (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX


But i wouldnt want to in an old f70!! on the motorway lol.

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!
youtube: Redfourtrack

i've bought the fourtrak,

i've bought the fourtrak, now its the maroon and grey type on a j plate, seems to be ok, no oil what so ever on or around the engine and diffs, a bit of surface rust around drivers rear arch which i will sort as soon as the weather lets me.
its basic compared to my pajero but thats what you get with these "rocky's"!
i'm tryin to find out how many years i have to change the cam belt, it was last done in 2004 and its done 20,000 plus a bit miles can anyone tell me if it needs to be changed or not?
the last time before the one i know of is 1996 at 64,000 as there is a sticker in engine bay and when it was done in 2004 it had 108,00o, so does anyone think it should be changed or not?
i'm very pleased with it at the moment but i only picked it up from the farmer at 10.30 this morning, drove 20 miles home and been today to my local car accessory shop to get the grey painted mixed so i can touch the paint in etc, and i've also bought some tlc items to make it my own.

can anyone else tell me where the tempertaure sits as i'm worried since my pajero head gasket. mine sits just below half i'm very happy with this but is it right?

is there anywhere on here i can download a manual?

thanks foe all the hel guys and gals in advance


The cam should be changed

The cam should be changed every 30,000 miles, but its always good to change the belt when you get the vehicle so you know its been done. I'd service it at the same time.

My temp never gets over half-way. Take note of where it normally sits and be careful if it moves even the smallest bit, apparently small movement is big trouble.

Welcome to the club Wink

hi thanks for that, does the

Smile hi thanks for that, does the belt go on years as well as some of the other makers of cars like 5 or 6 years. Biggrin


New belt brings peace of mind, no braces though!!!


I think every one will recommend you DO change the cam belt(peace of mind) along with the fan and the power steering belt, as you will need to take them off.

Water temp gauge normaly seems to run just below the 1/2 mark, (give the engine/rad a good reverse flush out) Change thermostat (peace of mind) Clean exterior of rad and intercooler

Change ALL oils including diffs (DO NOT remove the plug/bolt on the pass side of main gear box, level plug is on drivers side,same as transfer box)

EP90 for box and both diffs, swivel houseings should contain 500cc of grease.
10/40 Mineral or a semi synthetic for the engine (DO Not use a Fully Synthetic Oil).

Change the filters including the fuel filter, farmer owner may have been filling from bulk tank off farm (water/dirt contamination), and it often gets overlooked, till it blocks.

Purchase a new battery, they do not last for ever. (peace of mind), I replace mine at 3 year intervals.

Most parts, including filter bundles are available from "Milners", top of page under "Parts Dealers", good prices,fast delivery and helpfulful people.

A service manual can be purchased on this site, top of page "Service Manuals" (F70/75 series). Download or CD purchase.

If you have the paint codes, Halfords will mix to the spec, they have just made a batch for me . Red Mica Mettalic (3H1)

Lots of advice available via the "Site Search" box on the left, enter any relevant words , This will bring up pages of previous posts applicable to your search.

Edward (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Just a quick Q for Ed (EWS)

Just a quick question.....whats the problem with fully synth oil?

'94 Fourtrak Independent

'94 Fourtrak Independent

The cambelt service interval

The cambelt service interval on my 1997 F78 is 60k, as opposed to the 30k referred to in another comment below. (Mine has an OE sticker on the air filter box giving all the service intervals.) If it was definitely done at 108k next change would then be due at 168k.

David T

Mine has the origional

Mine has the origional sticker on the air filter also, but it says 30,000 miles. Must because because of the different model/age(F70 1990)?