Terios clutch/gearchange problem



This is copied from my YRV manual and I'm sure it holds pretty much for the Terios too.

If the gears drag and crunch the clutch plate is not releasing fully when you press the pedal, so your clutch cable needs tightening, which is done under the bonnet.

You can also move the clutch pedal static position up or down (in the YRV), which is done at the pedal with an adjusting bolt. If you want to change the pedal position do that before adjusting the cable.



This is the same for the Sirion too I believe. I need to adjust my car's clutch freeplay. Can you better describe the procedure for releasing the adjustment device? I haven't figured it out yet. Cheers - Ferg

YRV clutch adjustment

It's easier to adjust the cable outer (under the bonnet) if the cable is slack. The easiest way to slack the cable is to adjust the pedal stop in the cabin so that the pedal lifts up...note the pedal position from the bulkhead before you do this.

Then under the bonnet with the cable slack you can just pull the adjuster faces apart to see how it works.

I adjusted my clutch only the once years ago (so memories a bit vague), when I fitted thick sound insulation under the carpet, and that stopped the clutch from disengaging.

Incidentally I now think the Terios clutch is probably hydraulic.

YRV Tony

YRV Tony


Great that's helpful thanks guys. It didn't budge when I tried by hand but I'll give it some lube and some encouragement with pliers