Spark Plug Blow Out 94 Mira L201S


I was about to drive onto the freeway when i heard a pop and my car started to sound like a Harley Davidson. I got off at the next off-ramp and limped back home. I took a look under my hood and found the Number 3 Spark Plug blown clean out of the socket.

Has anyone had this issue before?

What kind of collateral damage could this do to other engine components? Is this a common problem with the ED-10 engine?

Hi, what condition do the

Hi, what condition do the threads look like in the cylinder head? a decent engineering shop should be able to helicoil the damaged thread so that you can refit your spark plug. hope that helps.

ps i'm a new owner of a mira trxx turbo 660cc L200 and require 2 front seat belts if you know of any?

All the best Russ

Hi Russ From what I can see

Hi Russ

From what I can see the threads look completely stripped and smooth as a baby's bottom. I have been phoning around to local shops but so far no one is interested in taking on the work.

I can't find any information about this happening to other Daihatsu's, it seems to happen to Ford's a lot though lol

I found an auction for a Daihatsu L201 Cuore seat belt on e-bay

A rare Canadian Daihatsu owner.

The sparkplug has probably

The sparkplug has probably been lose and has slowly undone its self, a decent machine shop should be able to do the job for you. Where are you based.
Thanks for the ebay link but from the picture, the mounting looks slightly different.

I live in Calgary, AB

I live in Calgary, AB Canada. My L201 is a world traveler, I completed a 12,000km drive across Europe and North America with it this summer.

After phoning through the Yellow Pages I had my car towed to specialty auto shop that services rare imports, since mostly everything here is GM's Toyota's Fords and Chrysler's that makes pretty much everything else rare lol

By the way the seat belts not retracting seems to be a common issue with Mira's, my poor beat up 91 L200V has the same issue and my 94 L201S also has the occasional issue but not as bad.

When my L201 comes back from the shop i will compare it with the L200 and see if there is a difference in how it mounts.

A rare Canadian Daihatsu owner.