Hello everybody! any mira/cuore 660cc turbo owners in yorkshire?


Just bought a 1990 mira tr-xx turbo and trying to get it ready for the MOT. I've hit my first problem, the front seat belts dont retract or lock off so i've posted a wanted add on the forum. The plan is to get it through the MOT then make it abit more practical for the road, the chap who had it used it for quarter mile racing, by the way its fitted with the later EF-RL 12V twin cam engine rather than the 8v one, gotto say its the best thing on the car lol.
all the best Gruss

mira trxx

Hi gruss nice to see another avanzato on the road(well nearly) i have a mira avanzato trxxr 1995 red /black have a look in image galleries.i dont know of any parts available at the mo but you could try these people JAPANESE PERFORMANE 07950471748 they have an engine for an avanzato for sale,so may have other parts,also check out http//keikarsinthepark.co.uk for more help from other owners of mira`s and kei cars.
regards steve


Im struggling to find

Im struggling to find insurance for my mira trxx 1990, most of the companies are only listing the 850cc one, anybody got any good companies i could try?
Thanks in advance

You could try these if you

You could try these if you are over 25 years of age:

A-Plan - http://www.aplan.co.uk/motor/motor-insurance.php?int=0

Keith Michaels - http://www.keithmichaels.co.uk/

Should be ablt to help you as they cover Japanese cars and Grey Imports etc...

Currently with Keith Michaels myself as they out quoted A-Plan who I was with previously, can't comment on how they are if you have to claim though.

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