starter motor on a fourtrak


Hi all,
re starter motor on a 1991 fourtrak, there is what looks like an end cover on the motor with a central retaining screw in the end,question is do you remove the screw and pull off the cover, does this give you access to the brushes? or do you have to remove the starter complete to replace the brushes?

Dont want to remove the cover to find its sprung loaded in there.

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starter motor

the best way to gain access to the starter motor brushes is to remove the starter from the vehical
1 allways remove possitive terminal fro battery
2 disconect the 1 pin plug nex to the starter
3 remove the two bolts from starter motor useing 17mm spanner could be 14mm
4 once u have removed starter motor from car its dead simple just remove two 10mm bolts this will release the internal motor and the brush box the are two pozi screws holding the brush box to the end caseing just remove these and the brushes are accessible.

i recently replaced my brushes and found that the the two maim brushes had split the brushes come in sets of four and are arround £10 if you need some please contact me and i can give u a contact address for a suppler or a part number

hope u find the usefull


starter motor

many thanks for the info will follow your list,would be good if you could give a number of where i can get replacements from

thanks again and a very happy new year to you