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Can somebody please help before I end up wasting lots of money!
K reg 4 track. One day fuel drain and charge lights came on - nothing else happened they just came on when I started up. Had it check by my mechanic he said fuel drain clear and it was charging OK. This was about 2 months ago. The lights have remained on. However, since bad weather if I do a lot of driving with lights, wipers, heaters etc on and not do too many miles the battery goes flat. It jump starts fine and then off we go.
I appreciate the charge light is on it means there is a problem with the battery charging but doesn't it just seem a coincidence that they both came on at the same time? Nothing else is wrong the truck going fine.
Help before I go to another garage and then make me spend a fortune!


Hi and welcome.

The battery charge light and the fuel filter water light are on the same circuit, quite why no one knows except the crazy wiring designer, who gives us lots of problems. The battery sounds if it had its day. I change mine every three years for piece of mind, they do not last forever.

The alternater could also need servicing, replace the fan/alt belt, also a "V" belt can wear so it is sitting in the base of the pully and not gripping the sides, thus tight but still slipping under load. The first thing I would do is replace the battery and belt, then take it to a auto electricians ( look in the Yellow Pages), not a general garage.

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Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Thanks for the quick

Thanks for the quick response. Having read up on the links it looks like the alternator brushes, so I will get a new battery as you suggest and get the brushes changed. It has given me piece of mind that there is nothing drastic going on though!!

Again thanks to all and a happy new year