Fourtrak Seats


Hi, does anyone know or have tried to fit different seats into their Fourtrak? Mine are very unsupportive and have the usual splits in the vinyl. Do Sportrak seats fit? Are they more comfortable??? Any help greatfully appreciated!

"Now are you sitting comfortably"


Take a look at this previous post. I think you will find quite a few posts re seats ,if you use the "Site Search" box on the left.

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Edward (ews)

Addition -: we both sit on my partners spare wheelchair cushions, gell filled, molds to the shape of your bum!! and very comfy,shock absorbing as well, 4" thick. Lifts her up to see out and helps give me more leg room.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Competant welding

I have a ford sierra drivers side one fitted in mine, the daihatsu base from the 3 door 5/7 seater model (the base tips forward in other words) is welded to a slightly modded (with a hammer lol) sierra chair and base, gives better support and adjustments, dunno if its legal or whatever but it passes the mot and i welded it so its fine lol Wink

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