Hijet maintenance info / workshop manual anyone?


Have done a search on the forums for Hijet manual info, and as I am beginning to find out workshop type manuals are rarer than hens teeth!!!!

I have just "inherited" a T-reg HiJet panel van with the (1.3 EFi) which whilst in OK condition is going to need some work to keep it running. Amongst other things it will shortly need a cambelt change.

I saw another poster mention that the official Daihatsu workshop manual was about 150 quid =8-o. I don't really want to fork out about a third of the value of the van just for that.

I know this van has appeared in several incarnations from the likes of Piaggio and Bedford (that I know of). Are these other models purely badge engineering jobs, but with identical mechanicals?

I guess if I could find out who makes the 1.3 efi engine that would be a start.... Do any of the Piaggio or Bedford versions have workshop manuals available does anyone know?

Sorry about all the questions, but if I can't get enough info to service / fix this van myself I'm probably better off selling it while it is still running OK.