So what steering wheels fit??


When i went to the quarry the other day, met another chappy (who also is on this site somewhere)who had a j plate fourtrak, he showed me he had got a different steering wheel and said it was from a daihatsu car (smaller - lovely more leg room) and it fitted straight on, although self cancel doesnt work on the stalk, i wondered if anyone can shed light on this subject of what steering wheels fit a fourtrak as thats a new one to me, i thought the cars would be totally different on the splines etc, any ideas??????

fourtrak steering wheel.

now then, im in the same position as you my fourtrak wheel is sitting nicely on my knees. im led to believe that some toyota bosses fit daihatsu however im not one to run risks. im takin mine to motor world for a few hours and going to sit in the carpark and make them little cronies bring me different bosses till i find one that fits.failing that im a dab had at bodging so bring on the welding !!! will keep you posted.