Its my first Daihatsu!


I found that when buying the copen the salesmen didnt really seem to know much about the general workings of the car...
Even I had to figure out that to put the roof down the partition had to be pulled out in the boot(only because the 206cc has this feature).

Then I found a terrific family owned daihatsu garage in Leeds - Crosskeys in Morley.
They have been fantastic and rushed everything through for me!
They didnt have the car in stock but within less than a day had picked one up for me and had it registered that evening for me!

I would definatly recommend this garage to anyone that wants to buy a copen, I live in Liverpool and although it will be a bit of a trek getting there for some its worth while knowing you're getting top treatment!

I pick mine up tomorrow - cant wait!!

Feel free to post questions soon when I have had it a while.