Broken Down and abandoned


Well it has happened for the last time.
She has been running like a dream...not a problem considering she has had to take over from the Landrover which hubby pranged before christmas..

Had to leave her parked up for now, will try to recover her soon..
engine making ruddy noise and wouldn't pull without spluttering out.

Think its head, although no smoke, or cam chain, which was renewed about 4 yr ago now..

I dunno..I love this little van so much, its like one of the family...what do I do now?

PARK HER UP ON THE DRIVE UNTIL I FIND OUT EXACTLY WHATS WRONG, spares/repairs sale. She has new tyres, rad, waterpump you name it.....
Why oh Why me. I must be the unluckiest lady alive at the moment....
Sad and unhappy bunny....:(
Sandy Torbay

Why do discover what is

Why do discover what is actually wrong before you scrap her? Might be a reasonably easy fix?