fourtrak gearbox warning!


Hey, just had my 93 rocky gearbox and transfercase fully rebuilt.. the problem was the oil seal between the to boxes blew and put all the oil into the transfer case running the gearbox dry even with no oil leaks visible.. so after drving it for 2 weeks it was getting a bit louder so I checked the oil levels... hardly any oil in the gearbox and the trasfer case was overflowing.. anyway just a warning to check your oil levels each service if one is higher than the other there is a good chance the seals are gone....

Noisy Gearboxes

Have had this problem on my F78 for the past year. Sometimes oil seeps back into gearbox from transfer and then the gearbox overfills. When gear selection becomes more notchy I normally find gearbox too full. Then I drain/fill as required, typically every 2 weeks. Over time some leaks have developed. Similar problem on some older Landcruisers - fitting oil transfer tube into filler plugs for a temporary fix. Have just purchased some seals and clutch kit from Milners - brilliant service! - got parts within one week over Xmass delivered all the way to Cape Town, SA. Now have the mission of repairing the lot....All the best for 2010 and thanks to all the helpful people on this Forum!