White smoke and water loss


Hi,I recently bought a Hijet EFI van 993cc on Ebay with the head gasket gone.It was bought as a project.I replaced the head gasket myself after having it skimmed.I also replaced the timing belt.Unfortunately it is still puffing out white smoke and losing water.My concern is that in replacing the head I stupidly inserted the 2 head guides in the head and not in the engine block.I had big problems in keeping the gasket still whilst I tried to refit the head.I am now wondering whether the 2 guides have located properly in the head or whether they have fouled the gasket someway.If anyone else has had this problem I would be glad to hear from them.I also know that buying off EBay is a gamble and it could have been sold with more than a blown head gasket.Cheers,Oldcorn.