4WD not working on 1993 F75 fourtrak


Hi, i cant get my fourtrak to work in 4wd, i've followed the instructions, the 4wd light appears on the dash but i have no traction on the fronts. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks Adam.

Do you have manual locking

Do you have manual locking hubs on the front? If so you will need to get out and lock them when you engage 4WD, remember to disengage them once you move out of 4WD.

Not so

Manual hubs. You do not need to unlock when you deselect 4Hi or use 4 Lo, just use the dash switch when changing from 2Hi/4Hi on the move at low speeds. Just unlock if you are doing a lot of high speed driving for example. And do not drive on tarmac/hard surfaces in 4WD this has the potential to damage the transmission as no center diff fitted.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

No, its got automatic

No, its got automatic locking hubs, its just stuck in rwd even when light on dash is indicting its in 4wd. I'm not sure if i'm doing something wrong or whether it has a fault. Thanks.

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The probability is that the auto hubs are not engaging, You can dismantle and clean, but once they are worn they are unreliable. another possible cause is a fault with the vacuum switch on the gear box, stripped splines on the sliding section of the front prop. Previous owner could have busted the front diff and removed the internals, has been known !!!!.

I take it you have checked that you have no front axle drive in 4Lo, selected via the transfer box stick, which automaticaly operates the vacuum switch.

If the front prop is turning , it is more likly that as I have said, that the auto hubs are at fault.

Use the "Site Search" box on the left of this page, enter for example, auto hubs, front axle, no 4 wheel drive or similar, there is a wealth of info on here.

I know its not a lot of help to you at the present, but is is often better to replace the auto hubs with manual switching hubs, as I and many others have done.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Thanks for the advice. It

Thanks for the advice. It was used for off roading before i got it, looks like it was sold with this problem. So frustrating as the truck is now useless in the snow.