Daihatsu Terios '97 grinding noise when braking and hard turning


Hi all!

I'm new to the forums and a new owner of a 1997 Daihatsu Terios with about 65000 miles on the clock.

I'm taking on the car from a close friend and know of its history and have essentially had a 3000 mile test drive with it so I'm familiar with the car by now.

Of recent it has made a horrible metallic grinding noise coming from the front left wheel. It becomes apparent when I either:

- fully depress the brake pedal when slowing to a stop, in which case it continues making the horrible grinding noise as I pull away (the noise seems to oscillate with the rotation of the wheel - the faster I go, the frequency of the noises increases - the noise fades over the next 10-20m until it seems to 'release')


- when I make a hard turn to either left or right at slow speeds (i.e. on mini-roundabouts, 90degree corners in town)

I should state at this point that the noise has developped after another noise: previously when doing 40+ mph and turning very slight curves (akin to dual carriageway and motorway curves), it would "sing" a really high pitch from the same spot. This did NOT occur whilst braking however, only at speed on curves. This has since cleared where the new grinding noise has started.

Now, I've heard it could be a number of things and I would like to investigate further before I take it to a garage and say "I dunno what's up with it" and get taken for a ride... I also want to get familiar with the vehicle so I can start servicing the easier parts myself.

I've been told it could be: something stuck in the brakes, worn brake pads, worn/bent discs, perhaps power steering issues (with relation to the noise when turning), etc etc...

Does anyone have any recommendations or where to start with this?

I'd appreciate any reference you can give me for good manuals for self-servicing (particular to the model or general - is there a Haynes for the 97 Terios?), places to buy parts or whether there is anyone in the Manchester area who is a Terios familiar and can offer technical knowledge (I live in the City Centre).

I'll appreciate any feedback, advice or otherwise to the new Terios owner.

Many thanks in advance Smile


First hurdle

So I had a look at the disc through the alloy earlier and it seems to have burred up quite badly. I assume the disc is shot and would therefore put it down as brake related.

I tried to get a closer look by taking the wheel off and have come across the first hurdle - the locking nut is rusted and also burred up.

Has anyone any solutions to the first step or shall I just bite the bullet and take it to the garage? It looks like at this rate I am looking at a set of new discs and pads for the front.

Sqeak, rattle and scrunch


Sounds like pads are worn down to the backing plate, possible scoring of the dics. Could be due to calipers sticking !!!

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Bitten the bullet

Ok so I've dropped the car off at a garage to have all the rusted to bits locking nuts removed. I've asked for standard nuts to be put on in it's place as the car is never usually left in non-secure parking.

I asked the chappy about the grinding noise and he was positive it was the brakes (which thinking back on it, so am I now) so I was looking at new pads and discs. I asked how much he'd charge to do the brakes this time and he said he'd bundle the nut-removal and brake replacement into the same labour so overall not bad.

I know it isn't what I originally intended, having someone else do the work, but I think I needed it this time!

I'll make sure to post some of my more interesting Daihatsu related material in the future... perhaps next time I'll actually get my hands dirty!

Very much sounds like binding

Very much sounds like binding brakes, this occures when the piston within the calliper becomes corroded and jammed, the most common cause is a perished seal around the piston which allows water ingress and corrodes the piston against the cylinder wall. Temporarilly its possible to free up the jammed piston but it will jam again, a propper strip clean and reseal is the only way for a perminant fix, its very common I see this alot.

The other possibility is a wheel bearing issue which is easily diagnosed.

Do ensure a propper fix is done or you will be taking it back soon.

Work completed

Well, I took it to a garage up near my work (Birchwood, Warrington) which I can only recommend as the guy gave us a great service and talked through every aspect of what he'd do to diagnose the problem. PM me if you want the name of the garage (not sure on the forum rules of promoting business).

The work to the vehicle done was to first (of course) have all the wheel nuts taken off. These things where in a terrible state so they were tossed and destroyed and a new set ordered up from Daihatsu. So now we can get the wheels off.

The mechanic seemed to think it was a case of extremely worn pad (and subsequently extremely worn discs) and what was likely happening was the pads were holding on to the discs as they were ripped up so much. Seeing as I was out of the office for a couple of days I decided to leave the Terios in with the garage for the brake pad and disc replacement too.

It appears that the simple brake replacement was all that was needed so far but I shall post up if any of the issues arise again.

He only charged for 2 hours labour for the removal of the wheel nuts (by angle grinder in the end!) and the brake replacements so was pretty chuffed.

I'm hoping from now on I can take a more active role in keeping the Terios maintained.

Thanks for the responses!