Fourtrak F70 front prop shaft


The front prop shaft on our 1985 F70 SWB Fourtrak 2.8 (non-turbo) failed this weekend - the splines have been worn flat (it's been bad since we bought it, 3 years ago).

Speaking to the Crewe Daihatsu dealer, it looks like my vehicle has the early (upto 1985) PS2 prop shaft, part number: 3711087615000 - around £400 import job!!!!!

Milner seem to stock one, but it's listed as for 9/1985 onwards (which I assume is the later version).

Does anyone have any idea as to the difference between the versions of prop shafts?



According to Milners, the

According to Milners, the flanges are different and there is not enough material to drill more holes Sad

1985 Veg oil burning Fourtrak "Rocky".

Prop shaft

The flanges are different as you say. If it just the splines that are worn then you can split the propshaft at both UJs, and use your existing flanges to replace the new flanges on Milner's shaft. It seems like hassle but its not that hard.

Your other option is to get one made which is not as expensive as it sounds. I spoke to a propshaft specialist near me a while ago who reckoned he would re-drill the flanges on a (much cheaper) Landrover prop and alter the length if needed.

That place was:

They may be miles away from you but they were just along the road from me and very helpful.

Regards - Alastair

Re-use flanges

Thanks for the comments Alastair.

I spoke to a very helpful Milners again and they said the early one has a rectangular flange (the type fitted on my truck) and the later ones have a square flange. They also said the spider is the same, so I might do what both you and Milners have suggested and keep my flanges, but use the new prop shaft.

I'm going to try one more parts supplier, then consider my options.

Many thanks, James.

1985 Veg oil burning Fourtrak "Rocky".