interior water leak


Hi guys, HNY.

I bought another 4Trak last month. It's great except that the passenger floor (it's RHD) gets just as wet as on my existing 4Trak.

Nothing drips afaik, but Daihatsu's idea of carpet gets wet.

Are there some (blocked) drain tubes that i should know about?


I had similar problem, turned out to be from heater matrix!

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Heater matrix could be leaking, any signs of antifreeze colour, or the drains from the fresh air intake blocked.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Thxs guys Air intake drain

Thxs guys

Air intake drain sounds favourite.

Doesn't smell like a leaking matrix in either car.

Most likely the heater matrix

Most likely the heater matrix or its feed pipes leaking. Check the bulkhead where anything passes through it for damaged seals or rubber grommets as these can let water in during such a wet period.

Check also that the drain bung in the floor is not leaking, corroded or missing as this too can let water in.

if it has a sunroof it may have drain pipes in the corner, if it has flush them with a hose or compressed air at low pressure.