Pipe on axle?


I have a 96 Fourtrak and have noticed a pipe hanging down under the car. One end is connected to the top of the rear axle and I dont know where the other end should join on to. Its pretty corroded on the loose end but looks a bit like a grease nipple or something. Anybody out there know what this pipe is for and is it ok to keep running the car as it is.
Cheers Kev

Cheers ewes. Think I will

Cheers ewes. Think I will need to get it sorted fairly soon. Any idea where to get the pipe and fittings from?

Make your own

Your unlikely to be able to purchase this item.

Diy it, remove what I believe is a screwed in nipple from top of axle and attach a suitable length of nylon tube , fix other end at chassis height. You could put a curl/loop at the end or fit a cheap plastic petrol filter on the end.
The idea is to allow for air exspansion/contraction without water ingress. Allow enough tube for axle movement and fix with a plastic tie.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX