sportrak exhaust costs!


hi, my sporty seems to have developed a growl, instead of a purrr!!,
so i am tghinking of buying a new full exhaust ( excluding the cat, as i am told mine is fine!!... phew!! )

anyway i have been quoted
front £34 +vat
rear £59.68 + vat

from a company called euroflo!

are they good prices, or do you know somewhere cheaper!!

thanks in advance.. hopefully

i am lovin my sporty, this snow has been brilliant to test it with!

If you intend keeping it i

If you intend keeping it i would suggest biting the bullet and fitting stainless.

Cheap exhausts are just that, cheap; often they only last a couple of years and rot through, particularly if you off road.

Buying a good brand name will cost more, but will last a lot longer than a cheaper brand, its horses for courses really.

As above really, I would

As above really, I would never fit a cheap exhaust to a car I wanted to keep, buy cheap do it twice.