starting problem


the constant live wire to my ignition keeps blowing a fuse not everytime i start but quite often. it is a new wire that was put in as the original wire was broken and the mechanic could not trace the wire so he put in a new wire. to sort the original problem of it not starting. as this old wire is still in place my own theory is that the old wire is earthing out somewhere. it is a 30 amp fuse is this the correct size

Trace the old wire and cut it

Trace the old wire and cut it at both ends, this will eliminate it if it is out of the circuit.

Once spent 4 years tracing one wire intermittently shorting, it only happened on right hand bends taken at speed. Once found it was a spare wire earthing periodically.

Once your old wire is removed, it can only be the new wire, trace it along its length for a short.

The most likely cause of this

The most likely cause of this is a bad earth, commonly 1 of the main engine earths, replacing the wire wont fix the issue you need to get to the route cause, there will be a main earth to the gearbox check that one first its the usual suspect, failing that, try the main engine earth
Still no win gimme a shout.