Which wheel nuts for alloys


Hi got alloy wheels to replace steel rims on my f70 fourtrak. They are off a suzuki fatboy jeep (excuse me for cursing). They are the same as the wheels on a trak in a photo posted on page 23 of the fourtrak/rocky gallarie submitted by kev.rev titled 'breaking for spares' Can anyone advise me on the wheel nuts to use or/and tell me what thread pattern fourtrak wheel nut use.
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Alloy wheel nuts

I have two fourtraks which have the same wheels fitted, they use deep 19mm wheel nuts with a 60 degree face to locate the wheel.
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Do not use these wheels on a

Do not use these wheels on a Daihatsu, they are simply not strong enough to deal with the weight and loads imposed on them.

Not suzuki wheels

Hi Assassin,
The wheels in question are not Suzuki wheels, the fatboy kits were based on aftermarket parts. These wheels were also offered as an aftersales option in the Daihatsu UK parts brochures aswell as being fitted to several of Daihatsu UK's 'limited edition' or 'special' models of both the Fourtrak and Sportrak in the late 80's and early 90's so should be strong enough. I'm not sure who the manufacturer was, possibly 100+ as Daihatsu UK certainly used other wheels from them on the Independant limited editions. I have two Fourtraks with these fitted (an F77 and an F95) and a copy of the old options brochure somewhere.
By the way do you have any pics of your F20?
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thank you

Thank you Assassin and Dave for your replies. Dave will give you a ring on Monday to order nuts.
Cheers Jim