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Hi Guys

I am just wondering what the availability of parts are for the YRV turbo. I have had one a while back, but in South Africa. And is one of my favourite cars. I had a problem with parts back in SA. So my question is, is it a wise idea to buy another YRV turbo?


Hi there, Not sure what it

Hi there,

Not sure what it was like in SA with delerships and parts suppliers. Here in the U.K a majority of pucker parts can still be obtained through the Daihatsu delaerships and parts departments but at premium prices. If you need after market parts then this is where it becomes a challenge as there are fewer places in the U.K that will supply parts, and again you end up paying through the nose for them. Most of the aftermarket bits now-a-days can be found on E-bay, including scrap yard items.

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Depending what you need I may

Depending what you need I may be able to help, I have built up a list of usefull contacts, let me know.

Compared to SA... EASY!

Comparing the way dealerships in SA work (or DONT work) in SA, at least here, you can order a part, pay for it, get it delivered and MOST of the time get the right thing. You can do it online, compare prices, and even return things for a refund if you get the wrong item! Prices aren't really comparable as a whole, some are cheaper, some more expensive.
So to answer the 1 part of the question, its waaaay better than in SA, BUT also, like Jpor mentioned, aftermarket is much more limited. You can't just quickly get a cheap 63mm custom freeflow no cat exhaust and remap with unichip without countless headaches regarding MOT and insurance etc. That being said, the YRV is a really good mix of performance, cheap insurance and quite good practicality (which you probably already know if you have owned 1) even when near-standard...

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