Fourtrak driver's side interior water ingress


We have a 1995 short wheelbase Fourtrak (the one with the all steel roof)and it suffers from water ingress under the carpet on the right hand (driver's side).

On inspection it seems to be coming in behind the pedals through a horizontal join in the metal bulkhead.

Beyond that it's a mystery as there is no damage to the outer bodywork and I'm wondering if it might be coming in through the right vent at the back of the bonnet - but how to get in there and cure it is what I'd like to know.

Anyone had this problem?

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Hi and welcome.

Take a look at this post, made a few days ago, similar problem. Suggest a helper pours water into the air intake vent and you observe from under the truck, just a suggestion!!!! and find outlet, if blocked try wriggling a piece of soft wire up the outlet, you never know it might work. No idea how to access this !!!!!

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Water ingress

Thanks for the suggestion, we will try that and see what happens. My wife did almost cure the ingress with blue tack on the bukhead join over a year ago but when we mentioned it to our garage (at that time)they said they would make a permanent repair and since then it has been worse!
So if the drain from the intake isn't blocked we may try more blue tack, or silicone bath sealant - anything is worth a try to stop the puddle from forming!

Regards - Ben (Timberline)